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Catholic Alberta Now

Our goal is to inform and engage through the telling of inspiring stories of Catholic life in today’s world, and particularly in central and northern Alberta.

Grandin Media takes its name from Vital-Justin Grandin, an Oblate missionary who became the first Bishop of the Diocese of St. Albert in 1859. At the time, the diocese covered large parts of the present Alberta, Saskatchewan and Northwest Territories. Grandin was tireless in his efforts to share the good news of the Gospel; it is estimated that over the course of his ministry in Western Canada, he walked about 25,000 miles in snowshoes.

Today his name graces streets, buildings, schools and communities across Western Canada, and his snowshoes are featured on the coat of arms of the Catholic Archdiocese of Edmonton. His cause for sainthood is currently under consideration by the Vatican. Like our namesake, Grandin Media aims to reach far and wide; now snowshoes have been replaced by the digital tools of the internet.