Archbishop Smith responds to new assisted suicide law

Edmonton Archbishop Richard Smith responds to the passage of Bill C-7 which expands euthanasia and assisted suicide to those without foreseeable death.

The Senate accepted a revised version of Bill C7. The bill received royal assent March 17 just over a week before the March 26 court-imposed deadline

Under the new law, Canadians who are not near the natural end of their lives can seek assisted suicide.


2 thoughts on “Archbishop Smith responds to new assisted suicide law

  1. Thank you, Archbishop Richard Smith, for sharing and speaking up. I agree and stand with you. God bless you and your efforts.

  2. Thank you for reinforcing our Catholic moral beliefs. Unfortunately over the decades since the sixties, through television, movies and nihilistic philosophies we as a society have moved from a place where things like abortion, euthanasia and assisted suicide were considered horrific and unthinkable and totally unacceptable to having our governments passing death laws without in depth investigation as to the long term effects on our society. How did we get here?

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