In a scene from the movie Unplanned, Abby Johnson - portrayed by Ashley Bratcher - reacts to what she is seeing on the ultrasound screen.Catholic News Service

Pro-life movie ‘Unplanned’ to hit Canadian theatre screens this summer

After a heated battle that included petitions and a national boycott, the controversial pro-life film Unplanned has finally landed a distribution deal in Canada.

The film  ̶  based on the memoir of Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood director turned pro-life advocate  ̶  will be distributed across Canada by the independent distributor Cinedicom.

“The response is excellent so far; there is a good demand for the movie,” said Cinedicom president BJ McKelvie, noting his company is pitching the film to theatres across Canada.

Abby Johnson

Showings begin July 12. So far, the only confirmed Alberta showing is at the Movie Mill in Lethbridge. Theatres in New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador also plan to show the film. More showings are expected to be announced in the coming days.

The filmmakers expect to see Unplanned shown in 100 to 200 theatres. Information on the showings will soon be available online at Until now, Canada’s first public screening of Unplanned was at the Edmonton Expo Centre on May 14, hosted by Harvest Ministries International.

The independent distribution deal comes after efforts to have Cineplex Entertainment, which owns 80 per cent of the movie theatres in Canada, screen the film in its theatres. It also led to a “Canada Wants Unplanned” national boycott of Cineplex theatres.

Cineplex Entertainment stated it could not screen the film in its theatres because it lacked a distributor, but Unplanned producers believe it’s because of the film’s pro-life message.

The first public screening of Unplanned was held at the Edmonton Expo Centre.Kyle Greenham, Grandin Media file photo

Now that Unplanned is finally getting a major Canadian release, directors Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman are confident it will bring the abortion debate to the country’s political forefront.

“This is the most important movie anyone will ever see on the most controversial issue of our time,” Solomon and Konzelman said. “When Unplanned comes to Canadian theaters, this movie will make abortion unpopular.

Ruth Shaw

“This is the movie that no one wants you to see and it took a petition, a boycott and a brave independent distributor who would boldly bring this movie to the people of Canada.”

Pro-life advocate Ruth Shaw believes Unplanned will have an especially powerful effect on young people, who are often shown only the pro-choice side of the abortion issue.

“This is a wake-up call movie,” said Shaw, the executive director with the National Campus Life Network, a pro-life group that works with university students. “I have never seen a movie so boldly depict the reality of abortion. This movie can reshape the narrative for young people everywhere.”

A new trailer of Unplanned has now been posted with the Canadian release date.



41 thoughts on “Pro-life movie ‘Unplanned’ to hit Canadian theatre screens this summer

  1. What if I did mention to the law that I have killed my pet in cold blood? Would I be a criminal?

  2. Daniel says:
    2019-06-12 at 1:55 pm
    “I’ll enjoy seeing this movie flop fantastically”
    Daniel, what makes you think it will? The film exceeded all expectations on its opening weekend in the US. Here’s a quote from“Unplanned earned an opening weekend of $6.1 million, double the amount projected by box office trackers”. It will be quite successful here in Canada also. So sit back, relax and just watch!

  3. It seems so obvious that we need more education on birth control and using it effectively!! Why are there so many abortions happening in Canada? Birth control is available to all women. There is no need for an unplanned pregnancy. If you’re sexually active and don’t want a child, use birth control, period.
    I’m so glad to hear that this movie will be playing in Canada!! I just cannot believe that any woman would choose to have her unborn child ripped apart and discarded if she truly knew what she was doing. Women, wake up! Take charge of your own body, please. Choose truth! Choose life!

  4. If we were talking about killing unborn animals there would be such an uprising.
    What is it that has distorted our thinking to the degree that we don’t want to hear
    the truth we only want to hear what satisfies our itching ears.
    We are being deceived.
    Do we even want to know the source of that deception.
    Where do we turn?
    We are so wonderfully made. Maybe the one who made us has the answer.
    Could it be that Budah is wrong and that there really is absolute truth and we can know it?
    Rather than asking these manmade gods instead could we ask the one who made us.
    If we consider ourselves to be intelligent let’s start by acknowledging an intelligent designer.
    I know who designed our house and I know who made it. They are pretty smart people.
    If people had to make my house and it didn’t just happen, it required forthought understanding and skill, does it not stand to reason that we are also designed and not just thrown together by happenstance or evolution.
    Let’s not deny reason and pretend that believing a lie is ok or that being deceived is ok.
    If we desire absolute truth it will absolutely be shown to us!
    Doesn’t everyone deserve to have the opportunity to know the one who did the knitting?
    Even Einstein admitted that he only knew .1% of 1% of all there was to know about our universe. We need to get over ourselves and start thinking outside the perverbial box of our mortality and our limitations.
    Why are we here, what is our purpose and where are we going when we die?
    We can know, that we know, absolutely! Ask the one who made you!

  5. I have been anxiously awaiting word on this movie!! Can’t wait to see it. God is using this film to open peoples eyes to the value of “human life.”

  6. We can save owls and whales but we can’t save babies because they are the inconvienient truth. Hmmmmm, if it has a heart beat its alive, taking that life away is murder regardless of wither you like it or not.

    1. I was in the same predicament and considered abortion. I was scared about the unknown future, and the unhealthy relationship. But I realized that baby was a real person and I couldn’t deny it. I proceeded with the pregnancy and the unknowns thinking I will do my best and the future will take care of itself. The relationship didn’t work out with the father but he remained in his son’s life. It was difficult to do it on my own but not impossible. There were people and services and family that helped. And giggles, smiles, and cuddles from my little one helped! When in school, my son was tested by a specialist and found to be gifted in several areas. And his humour has made me laugh so hard over the years. He is so funny! He’s over six feet tall now, all grown up and finishing a huge computer programming project and starting his own company! Recently, we were having a chat, and he told me he loved his life! Wow, what a great YES I said that day! Be courageous! You won’t regret an amazing life! ***If unfortunately you didn’t say yes to life, pls seek counselling or an after abortion ministry for healing. You have deep wounds you may not be aware of. Also, let God know you are sorry for taking the lives of His little flowers. He will forgive you. May you find peace and love.

  7. Oh please! So you are all telling me that I shouldn’t have got an abortion after my abusive boyfriend got me pregnant? And the time after that, when my boyfriend said he didn’t want the baby. My biggest mistakes weren’t the abortions, it was the relationship itself! Everyone is clueless to the reasons why women resort to this. So until you are ever in a predicament like that, I suggest listening to the stories women have!

    1. I’m so sorry you felt that you had no other options. I am not judging you for choosing what you did. I understand how complex relationships can be when you live your in fear. It’s very difficult to live in an abusive relationship when your options seem so limited. If ever you find yourself to be in a similar situation you have the right to choose the adoption option, rather than abortion. There thousands of infertile couples would love to adopt a newborn and offer a happy home filled with love and safety. There are also private adoptions. All babies have a right to life, yet sadly they have no voice, and no choice. Choose life!! It’s a choice you won’t ever regret. I wish you well…

    2. DeDe, one can’t make the assumption that someone else has not been in that predicament and to listen to the stories women have as though they haven’t or that they themselves aren’t that very story. Many have been in that exact predicament and chosen the maybe in spite of the abuse or even rape. Being abused is wrong and killing a baby because of that abuse is also wrong. One wrong doesn’t give reason or justification for another wrongful act. There are numerous reasons for abortion. I dare to say that many are out of convenience. When a mother is told her baby has a high probability that the child will have a severe defect or neurological impairment does that mother value the life above all else or abort on doctor’s recommendation and then call it health care. What about the father who wants to keep the child and the pregnant woman who doesn’t. It’s her body so the “right” is hers. What about his “right” and that of the baby itself? What about impoverished women who don’t have the means to raise a child or another child? Abortion is the cheaper option. Wouldn’t the better option be to not conceive in the first place. I could list every issue raised for the cause of abortion and the reality is there is an alternative option. Albeit some of those options are incredibly difficult but that is where the problem truly lies. We choose convenience over what’s right and we demand our rights over those of others. I’m not saying it’s easy but you’re right, it is a choice. The real and hard question is why do we make the choices we do.

    3. I believe in “judge not that you may not be judged by the same judgement” i am definitely against abortion, but there are so many people who cannot conceive who are looking for a baby and many situations make it very hard to adopt one. Look at all the other options before you choose murder! Joni

  8. Praise the Lord!
    May the hearts and minds of Canadians truly be touched and transformed by this movie.

  9. The important thing is that Canadians will have the choice to see the movie or not; to believe it or not. It’s condescending – and political- to have the media monopolies decide this for us.

    1. Interesting that “choice” is apparently a big deal for you….

    2. @Stem Cell Champion – Did someone on here say otherwise? Choice is a big deal. The question is why do people choose what they do? And what is truly the reason, or sadly in many situations, the excuses behind those choices.

  10. Hahaha wow… So a very few amount of theatres or hosted by religious groups.. That ain’t the general public folks! Nice try but no cigar.

  11. One side of the debate favours people critically examining their values and making a decision that works for them.

    One side of the debate favours forcing everybody to agree on values that are steeped in religious mysticism and relies on dishonest representations to emotionally manipulate others.

    Lovely to see a balanced account of this issue…. Oh wait, hahaha that’s not at all what this is.

    1. I would encourage you to take the advice of your name posted and Use your Brain. The exact same thing can be said for the abortion industry, and please make no mistake it is an industry designed and geared toward making profit and nothing else. So use your brain and review the facts, not the feelings.

  12. I’m so glad to see that we Canadians are willing to engage in godly activism. Sadly, money talks and those of us who let theatres know we would be boycotting their theatres – at a time when many are struggling to fill seats – can enjoy this small but vital, victory! Praise God!

    1. Its murder! you will have more compassion for an kitten or a dead whale. Abortion is a buisness they harvest and sell baby body parts for profit. Watch your baby be ripped apart limb by limb.

  13. Just finished the book – a real page turner. With a legislature stubbornly refusing to even discuss this issue, this movie release couldn’t have happened at a better time.

  14. Finally. Hope it’s shown in a location near or in Richmond Hill.
    Want to order the DVD but the date keeps getting pushed out. Many of my friends want to see it.

  15. Let’s all pray that the truth presented with love will disarm opposition and foster fruitful discussions, respectful relationships and life-affirming choices. Love with truth is always winsome.

  16. May life and truth prevail in our nation here in Canada!
    May God have mercy on this country!

    1. Yes, it concerns me that this issue has not been addressed. God have mercy on Canada, our otherwise beautiful country.

  17. The objection to the film is not the political position. The objection to the film is its demonstably inaccurate portrayal of an abortion clinic masquerading as a factual account.

    1. I would hope that if you are going to make such a claim you can back up with facts. In a court of law, eye witness accounts are accepted as facts. I have seen videos that have been taken inside abortion clinics, undoctored video (not Hollywood) . To me your comment is hearsay not fact. Please check your facts.

  18. Funny, i seem to recall attending a public screening of it here in Winnipeg. Guess i must have been mistaken and we watched a different movie with the same title.

    1. Hi Robert, thanks for your email and for reading. Our information is that at the time of the Edmonton screening – May 14 – it was the first Canadian showing. Thanks, Andrew, ed.

  19. Thank you! I hope it is played at a theater in Kingston Ontario. Belleville as well.

  20. Life is sacred from the moment of conception to natural death. Each child in mother’s womb should have a birthday. It is the basic human right for each child…..AMEN

  21. How can I obtain a DVD or other portable format of ‘Unplanned’ in order to use it in our PCC ministry in Africa?

  22. Marvelous news! Congratulations! Life is precious from conception to it’s natural end. Womb to Tomb.

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