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Canada & World

Canadians split on role of faith in public sphere, survey shows

December 16, 2019

Canada & World

Faith and politics a volatile mixture among voters, post-election poll shows

December 2, 2019

Canada & World

Amid challenges, conscience rights advocates hold out hope for Alberta and Ontario

November 15, 2019

Canada & World

Hate crimes against religion are on the rise

May 8, 2019

Canada & World

Immigrants are making Canada a more religious society, survey shows

September 18, 2018

Canada & World

New Canadians are keeping Catholic faith alive, poll says

July 18, 2018

Canada & World

Catholics are ‘Exhibit A’ as new think tank focuses on religious freedom

May 14, 2018

Family & Marriage

Most Canadians say ‘I don’t’ to marriage, survey shows

May 9, 2018

Canada & World

Christian groups give gender-based budget mixed reviews

March 2, 2018