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Voices: In the Wilderness

Hétu: Pope’s visit reminds Christians still in Iraq that they are not alone

March 2, 2021

Canada & World

Red Wednesday calls Catholics to hear ‘cry’ of persecuted Christians worldwide

November 19, 2019

Canada & World

Turkish planes bomb Syria causing panic among Christian and other faith communities

October 9, 2019

Canada & World

Sri Lankan Christians have ‘no hate in their hearts’ as they recover from Easter bombings

July 18, 2019

Catholic Alberta

Iraqi Christians credit faith after harrowing escape from ISIS terror to new Edmonton home

March 27, 2019

Canada & World

Chinese government continues crackdown on religious freedom of Christians and Muslims

January 17, 2019

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Christian groups say U.S. troop withdrawal from Syria puts minorities at risk

December 20, 2018

Canada & World

Christians, Muslims celebrate Mass in Mosul

December 27, 2017