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Education & Health

Controversial verdict may force legalization of assisted suicide in Italy

July 28, 2020

Canada & World

Alberta MP warns federal government to slow down changes to Medical Assistance in Dying

June 2, 2020

Catholic Alberta

Hospital chaplains gladly face personal risk as ‘last responders’ to dying patients

May 19, 2020

Canada & World

Dying teen spent his last days helping homeless on streets of San Francisco

November 6, 2019

Voices: In Exile

Rolheiser: Faith and dying

November 4, 2019

Education & Health

Alberta Catholic doctors fear erosion of conscience rights

October 22, 2019

Voices: In Exile

Rolheiser: The grace within passivity

October 21, 2019

Family & Marriage

Sand passes ever more quickly through hourglass of life

July 24, 2019

Canada & World

Doctors plan to remove nutrition from disabled Frenchman

July 3, 2019

Education & Health

One in every 100 deaths in Canada administered by doctor

May 1, 2019