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Catholic Alberta

Edmonton Eparchy launches new plan to reach out to Ukrainian Catholic faithful

January 22, 2021


Catholics called to find new ways to embrace Gospel’s missionary call

October 18, 2019

Canada & World

New National Evangelization Team director called back to ministry

September 9, 2019


Young missionaries discover rich faith and generosity in troubled northern communities

February 5, 2019

Education & Health

There’s an app for that: Follow JC Go! a great tool to express Catholic faith

November 9, 2018

Catholic Alberta

Revamped One Rock festival aims to inspire and equip young Catholics for leadership

July 30, 2018

Canada & World

Shepherds of Church reaching out to ‘sheep’ on social media

July 26, 2018


Church changing channel on fake news, says CEO of Salt and Light Television

June 5, 2018


Alpha offers a user-friendly gateway to Christian faith

February 12, 2018