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Vital Word

Snowboarding, Baptism, and Getting Faith WRONG

March 15, 2021

Canada & World

Faith communities contribute $67B to Canada’s economy, according to study

October 20, 2020

Community Videos

Young father finds faith even in the face of death

June 18, 2020

Voices: In the Wilderness

Backstory: New documentary follows young father’s final journey of faith, hope, love

June 18, 2020

Family & Marriage

Enforced home time magnifies the good and bad in family life

May 28, 2020

Canada & World

Surveys show more Canadians turning to faith in times of crisis

April 19, 2020


National multi-faith prayer effort hopes to unite Canadians

March 30, 2020

Community Videos

Faith and hockey make a winning team

March 9, 2020

Canada & World

Quarantined B.C. couple relying on faith to get them through virus threat

February 14, 2020


Legacy and mission of ‘Father Catfish’ live on for next generation

February 4, 2020