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Scripture Videos

Video: Priesthood, Marriage, & Sacrificial Worship

October 27, 2020

Family & Marriage

Young couple finds love and faith in community

September 29, 2020

Catholic Alberta

Dashed wedding plans force couples to focus on what’s truly important

April 23, 2020

Left Footers

Canon lawyer is on the case

March 12, 2020


Pope Benedict wants name removed as co-author of book on celibacy

January 14, 2020


Pope Benedict and Vatican cardinal defend priestly celibacy in new book

January 13, 2020

Voices: In the Wilderness

Landry: What perseverance can do

August 2, 2019

Canada & World

UK Parliament votes to legalize same-sex marriage, abortion in Northern Ireland

July 11, 2019

Canada & World

U.S. court says Philadelphia can bar Catholic agency’s foster care placements

April 25, 2019

Family & Marriage

Marriage ranks high on family satisfaction scale among Canadian couples, study says

April 2, 2019