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Catholic Alberta

Ardent anglers to be ordained as ‘fishers of people’ on same day

June 22, 2020

Canada & World

Pope Benedict travels to Germany to visit his ailing brother

June 18, 2020


No quick fix to serious priest shortage in Amazon

February 12, 2020


Pope Benedict wants name removed as co-author of book on celibacy

January 14, 2020


Pope Benedict and Vatican cardinal defend priestly celibacy in new book

January 13, 2020

Left Footers

Left Footers: Father Marc Cramer shares his journey from Mormon missionary to Catholic priest

November 28, 2019

Canada & World

Ukrainian Catholic bishops in U.S. appeal for priest candidates

October 9, 2019

Catholic Alberta

Beauty of being Catholic comes with missionary call: AB Smith

October 5, 2019

Canada & World

New Oblate leader seeks ‘better sense of how God is calling us’

August 20, 2019

Canada & World

Toronto Raptors’ forward took a shot at priesthood training, now he’s in the NBA finals

June 7, 2019