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Community Videos

‘Walking Dead’ actress tells students her deafness has been a gift

March 12, 2019

Voices: In the Wilderness

Lent is a time to clean ourselves up

March 5, 2019

Catholic Alberta

Provost residents scramble to raise dollars for larger gym at Catholic school

February 15, 2019

Voices: In the Wilderness

‘We look to our teachers as examples of morality’

February 1, 2019

Education & Health

Bright new learning centre reflects St. Isidore’s renowned passion for education

January 24, 2019

Catholic Alberta

Winter fire in church roof displaces Innisfail parishioners over Christmas

January 10, 2019

Canada & World

Edmonton pastor named interim president of St. Michael’s College

November 23, 2018

Education & Health

Why Johnny stopped going to church – Part 1

April 16, 2018


Mother Elisabeth Bruyere a step closer to sainthood

April 16, 2018

Catholic Alberta

Students remember their beloved Archbishop MacNeil

February 14, 2018