Young father finds faith even in the face of death

In the end, Chris Sargent was at peace.

The young Edmonton father died of complications from a rare form of cancer. Just five months earlier, he received the sacraments of Baptism, Holy Eucharist and Confirmation.

In this feature-length documentary, Sargent shares his journey to become a Catholic even as he fights a yearlong battle against terminal cancer. Through interviews and unprecedented access, Sargent shares his story with raw honesty. It’s a story of love, faith, fear, heartache and hope.




One thought on “Young father finds faith even in the face of death

  1. Sweet & tender, with such clarity for God’s pupose and will for our lives. Chris’s bravery in having his story told is a gift. A declaration of love to his children, and confirmation of God’s great love to us. Beautifully done Matthew.

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